Locorum Initial Setup Guide

How to get your account setup and ready to use on Locorum.

1. Complete KYB (Required)

If you are signing up as a new user and not under an existing organization, the first thing you need to do is complete the FINTRAC required KYB check to authorize the use of the rewards cards. Complete the KYB check here.

Note: If you're signing up under an organization that has an existing subscription, KYB might not be required on your account. Check with your account administrator or ask us at hello@locorum.ca 


2. Upload Your Database (Recommended)

In order to maximize the use of the Locorum features, you'll want to upload your database to Locorum. This will allow you to both reward and market to your network on Locorum. 

To upload your database head to the Database tab in your account here. 

a) First download the template we provide to ensure your database is formatted in a way our system can read it. Download the template here. 

Tip: You can upload your database with tags you use in our platforms or organize your contacts by new tags before uploading to start off with a well organized and segmented audience. 

b) When adding your data to the template, make sure to follow the formatting example provided so there's no errors in uploading your database. 

c) Save the file to your computer. 

d) Use the the "Choose File" button to select the file and upload it to Locorum. 

Note: The upload time will vary depending on the size of your database. You will receive an email when it's complete that will also notify you of any errors. 

To view a more detailed step-by-step guide of uploading your database click here


3. Connect Your DNS (Recommended) 

Finally, in order to send emails from your domain on Locorum you need to authorize the use of your domain via DNS records. It's best to have whoever manages your website complete this step if possible. 

To get started head over to the Campaigns Tab and click Start Setting up Campaigns. 

Need Access? The campaigns module is billed separately in Locorum based on how many emails are sent per month. If you require a subscription update to access this module, email hello@locorum.ca to get access. 

a) In the next step create a Sender Profile for Locorum. This is required by CASL and CAN-SPAM and cannot be edited once created on Locorum. 

Caution: The address you use here will be displayed in the footer of your emails, so please consider using a business address if you prefer not to have your home address shared. 

b) Save the Sender Profile. 

c) Next the DNS records you need to change will be displayed for you on the screen. You can send these to your webmaster or update them yourself where your website is hosted. This is not overly complicated and a step-by-step guide can be found here


4. Select Your Card Type

Locorum has three different types of card programs and you'll need to understand which one you want to use to reward your customers/employees depending on your use cases. All the card program options can be found under Account > Rewards Cards.

You will have access to both Locorum Virtual and Locorum Single Load cards once your KYB is approved. For access to the other cards, click the "Request Access" button beside the description. 

Custom Cards: Branding custom cards takes 4-6 weeks for bank approval. Locorum handles everything on your behalf. All you need to do is email us a logo. Reach out to us at hello@locorum.ca if you want a custom branded card program for your business.


If you have any questions about setup, feel free to chat in by using the chat function available in the bottom right-hand corner of the app or email us at hello@locorum.ca 

🎉 Congratulations! Your initial setup is complete! 

We recommend you read our latest Best Practices Article to get some inspiration on how to use the platform effectively.