On a Mission to Digitally Amplify Word-of-Mouth

Locorum's believes word-of-mouth marketing is the best available acquisition strategy for service companies. Our vision is to make it easy for companies to capture, manage and scale referrals using state of the art digital solutions seamlessly melding together the online/offline experience. 

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Make offline referrals a scaleable marketing channel

Our founding team has all run service based businesses and we know the importance of word-of-mouth marketing in success. We recognized most businesses rely primarily on providing good service and hoping referrals organically happen. There had to be a better way to manage this acquisition channel.

Drawing on experience from e-commerce and enterprise tech marketing, we built Locorum to fill that gap. 


Meet our  management team

Jeff Duke


Carlon Farina

Director Sales/Marketing

Matt Santagapita


Mackenzie Nolan

Lead Engineer 


Our founding story


June 2019

Locorum was founded as marketing company and a local business blog to support distribution of developed content for local businesses. 

October 2021

Locorum's founders had recognized a gap in the market effecting their marketing customers and set out to launch a SaaS platform focused on driving referrals to the services sector at scale.

January 2022

Locorum bootstrapped an MVP and launched a free BETA version of the platform. More than 300 businesses across dozens of sectors signed up for the tool. 

September 2022

After conducting more than 300 customer interviews, Locorum refined the product and launched a subscription model for the toolset. 

March 2023

Locorum closed a 1.24M pre-seed round to expand the toolset and revolutionize referral marketing for offline businesses.

Stay tuned for what's next! 

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