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The first referral marketing tool for real estate businesses


Only Pay for Closed Deals

On Locorum you control exactly how much you spend on new client acquisition and you can set it up to only pay after the deal is done.


Increase Client Loyalty

Send personalized client loyalty or closing gifts in under 90 seconds and automatically engage recipients in your referral program.


Automate Marketing

Use our over 300 industry specific templates to automate client engagement and nurture referrals from your database.

Trusted by high performing teams at

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Referrals are the #1 channel to acquire high-quality leads.

Most real estate professionals we partner with get 80% or more of their business from referrals but lack the systems to effectively scale this channel. Following the lead of companies like Tesla, DropBox and Uber, and use a digital referral program to take control of this channel. 


What our customers say

"Locorum is by far the best touch point I have with my clients. In just 6 months it’s helped me grow my network quickly without spending a huge amount on ads."

“I love that I can add all the other businesses I work with as recommendations on my profile. Now I can just send my clients who ask for these types of services to Locorum. I look like the rockstar and it saved me a ton of time.”

“Locorum allowed me to be serious about my business. Finding the time and resources can be tough and Locorum provided me with the platform to basically build my own website in 10-minutes. I connected with real customers in just a few weeks.”


Need clarification?

How much does it cost?

Locorum plans are business-specific so it's best to connect with our team to determine the plan that is right for your business. 

How much time will this take me?

Setup to launch = 1.5 hours

Locorum will assist you setting your budget and program parameters. This is as simple as filling out a form and our sales team will walk you through each step. This takes about 20 minutes. 

Once your program is live, our team will work with you on a marketing strategy that is tailored your business based on our experience with over 300 companies. You will spend approximately 1 hour launching marketing to engage your database. 

After the program is launched, we will let it run and check in with you frequently to monitor success and make changes to strategy as required. 

What are the legal implications for Realtors & Mortgage Brokers?

Realtors in each province (and state) face different legal regulations around referral marketing. The key element for Realtors is Locorum is a fully-managed program, meaning you do not ever reward the client directly. The client is rewarded for actions taken on the platform. We provide end-to-end management of the programs and you pay us for the marketing we do. Rewards are not tied to closing or real estate contracts. Please contact our team for specific information related to your area of operation. 

Does Locorum share my database?

Locorum will never share your database contacts with anyone except the digital marketing channels that you authorize. Client information is securely managed and secured to individual user accounts. Your clients will never been seen or shared with other businesses using the platform. 

How long has Locorum been around?

Locorum was founded in 2019 as a marketing company and over the past three years has evolved into a leading edge software solution and marketing suite.


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