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Why Every Realtor Should Run a Questions of the Month Campaign

Consider a Question of the Month campaign to not only connect with your audience but also learn valuable insights that you can use in the future.

Everyone loves answering fun questionnaires. There’s a reason why Buzzfeed quizzes are so popular. Engaging with your audience is everything, especially in real estate. One fun and interactive way to do this is through a Question of the Month campaign. 

With a Question of the Month campaign, you not only connect with your database but also learn valuable insights about them. 

We’ll explore what a Question of the Month campaign is, how to run one and how this simple idea can work wonders for your business.

What is a Question of the Month Campaign?

The Question of the Month is a creative and engaging way for realtors to interact with their audience and gather valuable insights. Each month, you ask a different question to your email database and/or social media followers, encouraging them to respond and share their thoughts.

This initiative serves three main purposes:

  1. It keeps your audience engaged with your brand. 
  2. It provides you with valuable information about their preferences, interests and needs.
  3. It can increase your social media reach and engagement as more people interact with your posts.

Overall, the Question of the Month is a simple yet effective tool for building stronger connections with your audience and gaining valuable insights into their preferences and behaviors.

How to Start a Question of the Month Campaign

How to Send the Questions

We recommend posting your question to all your social channels to get the most reach. Facebook, LinkedIn and X all have poll options on posts, and you can create polls in Instagram stories. Or, you can create a regular post on any platform and ask users to comment their answer. Running this campaign on social media can increase your page's reach based on the number of people interacting with your posts.

We also recommend using this idea in your monthly newsletter by creating a simple form or questionnaire link. It’s a fun way for readers to interact and boosts your click-through rate.

Choosing the Right Question

When it comes to Question of the Month, the real magic happens with the question you are asking. When selecting your question, think about what topics or preferences you'd like to know about your clients or followers. It’s the best data mining exercise you could ever do.

Here are some questions that give realtors like yourself great insight into your audience: 

  • What is your favourite place to vacation?
  • What is your favourite drink?
  • What is your favourite memory?
  • What was your most memorable event?
  • What is your favourite holiday?
  • What is your favourite hockey team? Ask during playoffs or before.
  • What is your favourite pro sport to watch?
  • What is your favourite food?
  • What is your favourite social media app?
  • iPhone or Android?
  • Mac or Windows?

Some may seem unrelated but give valuable insights into your audience's interests that you can use later.

Using the Results

Using Insights to Connect Better

The insights gathered from your Question of the Month campaign can help guide the timing and focus of your customer appreciation events. For example, if you discover that 27 contacts whose favourite holiday is Halloween, you can organize a Halloween-themed event to engage with them further This event would be open to your entire database but would give you a perfect opportunity to put some extra focus on those 27 contacts who really love Halloween. 

Personalizing Rewards

As you gather insights over time, you can use this information to personalize your messages and rewards for clients. For instance, when sending rewards to clients, you can craft a message that resonates with their preferences, making the reward experience more meaningful for them.

Rewarding Engagement

We recommend having a small reward for monthly winners (which you can send through Locorum). Either choose someone randomly or pick the best answer. Consider hand-delivering their custom-branded rewards card and posting a photo to your social pages tagging them. This not only rewards the winner but also increases engagement with your campaign and shows the post to their connections. 

This is also a great time to make mention of your reward program. If you are running multiple programs each month, make mention of a different one to keep things fresh. So, one month mention your Home Equity Report program, the following your general reward program, and so on. 

Ready to launch your Question of the Month campaign? Click here to learn more about setting it up with Locorum!

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