Brixton Homes: Transforming Referral Programs for Builders

Brixton Homes uses Locorum to generate referrals in their business and save on selling costs.

Discover how Locorum's cutting-edge platform revolutionized referral programs for Brixton Homes, a leading residential developer in the builder market. Explore the benefits of reduced scams, improved brand image, and substantial cost savings achieved through the power of client referrals.


Brixton Homes, a leading residential developer in the builder market, sought to optimize its referral program to reduce acquisition costs, enhance brand trust, and streamline their operations. This case study highlights how Brixton Homes partnered with Locorum, a cutting-edge platform specializing in managing, tracking, and rewarding client referrals, to overcome challenges, achieve significant cost savings, and improve overall efficiency.


Before adopting Locorum, Brixton Homes relied on real estate agents and primarily incentivizing them using commission increases to generate leads, resulting in high costs per sale. With the aim of leveraging the power of referrals and building trust among potential and past clients, Brixton Homes turned to Locorum's innovative referral platform.

Challenges Faced by Brixton Homes:

  • Scams in the referral program: Brixton Homes faced issues with fraudulent referrals, which not only wasted valuable resources but also damaged the brand's reputation.

  • High acquisition costs: Relying solely on real estate agents and their commissions resulted in substantial expenses for Brixton Homes, averaging $16,000-$20,000 per sale.

  • Manual and time-consuming processes: Brixton Homes spent significant hours managing client gifting (closing gifts + referral reward cheques) and tracking referred clients on spreadsheets, creating administrative inefficiencies within the referral program.

Solutions Offered by Locorum:

  • Fraud prevention and tracking: Locorum implemented robust tracking mechanisms, eliminating scams and ensuring only genuine referrals were rewarded. By providing transparency and accountability, Brixton Homes eliminated fraudulent activities.

  • MasterCard partnership for brand trust: Leveraging its partnership with MasterCard, Locorum enhanced Brixton Homes' brand image and credibility. They were no longer handing out cash but instead leveraging a partnership with a globally recognized partner. The association with a trusted global brand instilled confidence among potential clients and facilitated the development of long-term relationships.

  • Cost-effective referral generation: Locorum's platform facilitated the generation of referrals from past clients, reducing Brixton Homes' reliance on increasing buyer agent commissions. By connecting Brixton Homes directly with A-buyers, Locorum enabled the company to build trust and secure quality leads at a reduced cost.

  • Streamlined client gifting: Locorum's automated system for client gifting eliminated manual processes, saving Brixton Homes dozens of hours. This streamlined approach improved efficiency and allowed the company to focus on core business activities.

Results and Benefits:

  1. Eliminated scams and improved brand trust:

    By implementing Locorum's tracking mechanisms, Brixton Homes effectively eliminated scams within their referral program. The association with MasterCard further boosted brand trust, enhancing credibility and increasing customer confidence.

  2. $100,000 Cost Savings.

    Within the first year of utilizing Locorum, Brixton Homes received ten referrals, resulting in a reduction of selling expenses by over $100,000. This substantial cost saving was achieved by replacing high-commission real estate agents with referrals from trusted clients.

  3. 100+ Hours in Time Savings:

    The company estimated 2 hours a week organizing closing gifts and delivering gift baskets for their admin. Locorum's automated client gifting system saved Brixton Homes dozens of hours, allowing the company to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on core business operations.

  4. Increased customer engagement:

    With Locorum's support in providing marketing content and engagement strategies, Brixton Homes experienced improved customer engagement within their referral program. This led to a higher level of program participation and an increase in successful referrals.


Brixton Homes' collaboration with Locorum revolutionized their referral program in the competitive builder market. By addressing challenges such as scams, high acquisition costs, and manual processes, Locorum empowered Brixton Homes to achieve remarkable outcomes.


This is a fictional case study based on actual use cases implemented by Locorum customers for the purposes of illustrating product use and results without sharing confidential information about customers. 

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