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Dave Smith's Real Estate Team: Boosting Referrals and Client Engagement

Dave Smith's real estate team using Locorum to generate referrals.

Discover how Locorum's cutting-edge platform revolutionized referral programs for Brixton Homes, a leading residential developer in the builder market. Explore the benefits of reduced scams, improved brand image, and substantial cost savings achieved through the power of client referrals.


Dave Smith's real estate team sought to optimize their lead generation strategies, reduce time spent on low-quality leads, and enhance client engagement. This case study showcases how Dave Smith's team partnered with Locorum, a leading platform for managing and rewarding client referrals, to revolutionize their referral program, increase conversions, and strengthen their online presence.


Facing challenges with low conversion rates from internet leads and limited client engagement, Dave Smith's real estate team recognized the need for a more effective and efficient approach to generate quality leads. By leveraging Locorum's innovative referral platform, Dave Smith aimed to tap into the power of referrals from past clients, while streamlining their gift-giving process and increasing their online reputation through verified reviews.

Challenges Faced by Dave Smith's Real Estate Team:

Low conversion rates from internet leads: Dave Smith's team relied on internet leads that had conversion rates as low as 1-3%, resulting in wasted time and resources.

Limited client engagement and referrals: The team struggled to generate a substantial number of referrals from their existing client base, which limited their growth potential.

Inefficient gift-giving process: Managing closing gifts, home anniversary gifts, and Christmas campaigns required significant time and effort from the team.

Solutions Offered by Locorum:

A-buyers from past clients: Locorum's platform enabled Dave Smith's team to tap into their existing client database, leveraging the power of referrals to attract A-buyers. By rewarding clients for introducing their family and friends, Locorum created a network effect, generating a high-quality stream of leads with conversion rates of approximately 90%.

Verified review process: Locorum facilitated a verified review process, allowing Dave Smith's team to increase their online reputation by tenfold. This instilled confidence in potential clients and improved their trust in the team's services.

Streamlined gift-giving process: Locorum's platform provided Dave Smith's team with a streamlined solution for managing closing gifts, home anniversary gifts, and Christmas campaigns. This automation significantly reduced the team's time and effort, allowing them to focus on core business activities.

Marketing campaigns and social media promotion: Locorum's generated email campaigns were used by Dave Smith's team to promote the referral program to their client base effectively. Additionally, they leveraged social media platforms to expand their reach and engage with potential clients, maximizing the program's effectiveness.

Results and Benefits:

  1. Increased conversions and reduced time spent on low-quality leads: 

    Utilizing Locorum's referral platform, Dave Smith's team experienced a significant increase in conversions, with referral leads converting at approximately 90%. This reduction in time spent on low-quality leads allowed the team to focus their efforts on high-potential clients and maximize their productivity.

  2. Enhanced online reputation and increased reviews: 

    Locorum's verified review process enabled Dave Smith's team to multiply their online reviews by tenfold. This improved their credibility and attracted more clients seeking trusted real estate services.

  3. Significant growth in referrals: 

    With Locorum's platform, Dave Smith's team achieved a remarkable fourfold increase in referrals. The network effect created by rewarding their database for introducing family and friends amplified their referral program's success, driving consistent growth.

  4. Streamlined gift-giving process: 

    Locorum's platform streamlined the management of closing gifts, home anniversary gifts, and Christmas campaigns. This automation saved Dave Smith's team valuable time and resources, enabling them to focus on nurturing client relationships and providing exceptional service.


By partnering with Locorum, Dave Smith's real estate team successfully transformed their referral program, improved lead quality, and enhanced client engagement. Through the power of referrals, they experienced higher conversion rates compared to internet leads, optimizing their time and resources. The verified review process significantly bolstered their online reputation, attracting more clients seeking trustworthy real estate services.

Locorum's platform also streamlined their gift-giving process, freeing up time for the team to focus on core business activities. The marketing campaigns and social media promotion further expanded their reach, driving a substantial increase in referrals and solidifying their position as a leading real estate team.

With Locorum's comprehensive solution, Dave Smith's team continues to enjoy the benefits of a highly effective referral program, increased conversions, improved online reputation, and streamlined operations. The partnership with Locorum has positioned them for sustained growth and success in the competitive real estate market.

This is a fictional case study based on actual use cases implemented by Locorum customers for the purposes of illustrating product use and results without sharing confidential information about customers. 

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