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Power of Client Gifting in Real Estate: A Quick and Effective Strategy

Why you should prioritize client gift giving and how you can do this with ease on Locorum.

We often hear, should I send closing gifts? The answer is a resounding yes. Here’s why:

In the realm of real estate, whether it be realty, mortgage broking, or residential development, relationships are key. As such, creating positive client experiences and fostering strong relationships should be high on your list of priorities. One proven way of achieving this is through the strategic use of client gifting. According to a recent report from Sendoso, 83% of customers reported feeling closer to a company after receiving a gift, and 35% were more open to receiving future communications. 

Most real estate professionals we talk to know the importance deep down but just fall behind. So how can busy real estate professionals streamline the gifting process? The answer: Locorum.

The Impact of Client Gifting

Let's delve a little deeper into why client gifting is such a powerful strategy. The Sendoso data mentioned above provides clear evidence that client gifting can increase feelings of loyalty and openness to future engagement. A separate study by BMC Public Health further confirms that reciprocity is a fundamental aspect of human behavior – in other words, when you give a gift to your clients, they naturally want to reciprocate. This reciprocity often comes in the form of referrals, which are gold in the real estate industry.

Additionally, gifting serves as an impactful branding tool. When you select thoughtful, personalized gifts (especially those sourced from local businesses), you're telling your clients that you're not only invested in their satisfaction but also committed to supporting your local community. This cultivates a positive image of your brand in the client's mind and increases the likelihood of referrals.



Locorum: Simplifying Client Gifting

We understand that real estate professionals are busy. With so many tasks demanding your attention, it's easy to let gifting fall by the wayside. But what if there was a way to streamline the process, making it quick, easy, and highly effective?

Locorum's Gift Rewards feature is designed with this very purpose in mind. In just 60 seconds, you can select and send a thoughtful gift to your client. What's more, each gift comes with an automatic addition to your referral program, seamlessly integrating your gifting and referral strategies.

Personalize the experience even further by adding local business recommendations. This adds a layer of uniqueness to each gift and demonstrates your dedication to supporting local and understanding of your customer. During setup you can add any local business to your gift card recommendations to personalize your cards when you send. 

Locorum Prepaid Mastercard

Action Steps with Locorum

  1. Sign into your Locorum account. If you don't have one yet, register here.
  2. Navigate to the Gift Rewards feature.
  3. Fill out your customer’s name and email, plus add a personal message. 
  4. Personalize your gift with local business recommendations.
  5. Hit send and let Locorum handle the rest!

Client gifting should not be an afterthought or an "if-I-have-time" task. As research shows, it's a powerful strategy for building relationships, fostering loyalty, and generating referrals. By using Locorum, realtors, mortgage brokers, and residential developers can implement a consistent, effective, and efficient gifting strategy that ultimately contributes to a robust, referral-driven business.

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