Top 3 Ways to Engage Clients on Locorum: June 2023

Top ways to engage clients in a referral program using Locorum in June 2023.

Engaging clients effectively is the cornerstone of successful businesses. If you are part of the rapidly growing community using Locorum - here are the top three ways to engage your clients effectively using our current toolset. 

Before we dive in, remember we’re your partners! We provide customized content tailored to your business needs for every strategy mentioned below. Just reach out and we will give you the content you need to be successful. 


1. Leverage the Power of Gift Rewards

Gift rewards hold immense power in engaging clients, acting as a tangible reminder of your brand's appreciation. Not just for closing gifts, but also for home anniversaries, birthdays, and festive seasons, gift rewards through Locorum are a fantastic way to make your program 'stick' with your clients.

In practice, this might look something like:

  1. Use the Locorum platform to send a personalized gift to a client who has recently closed a deal with you - this instantly adds them to your referral program when they accept. 

  2. Follow up with an email or phone call explaining how they can continue to top up this gift card by referring your services to their networks.

  3. Send regular reminders around special occasions, offering top-ups on their Locorum card to keep your brand at the forefront of their mind. We’ve seen this successfully done for birthdays, home anniversaries and Christmas. 

Client gifting can be a game-changer for your business. Use Locorum to turn your current clients to lifelong referral partners!

Locorum Prepaid Mastercard partnership

2. Actively Invite People to Join

Being proactive about inviting people to join your Locorum program is another crucial strategy. Whenever you're chatting with a partner or past client, make sure to mention your program and send them an invite link to join. The more comfortable you become discussing the program, the easier it will be to convey its benefits to potential clients.

Here are a few pointers:

  1. Add a Locorum mention at the end of your conversation or meeting, letting your client know about your new rewards program.

  2. Use informative approachable language like, “I have a new reward program I just launched in partnership with Locorum and MasterCard. They're helping build local business through word-of-mouth marketing by rewarding clients who refer to businesses. I’ll send you an invite to check it out. I'd love to be able to thank you whenever you make an introduction.”

  3. Follow up with a direct invite to join the program. This can be done easily through the Locorum platform via a link or email invite from the Database tab.

Warning: In certain regulated industries you need to be sure not to advertise that you are paying the clients rewards. Firstly, that’s not accurate about how Locorum works and secondly it may violate your industry advertising regulations. 

Inviting clients to your Locorum database

3. Harness the Power of Email

Emails are a tried and tested method of engaging clients. By incorporating your Locorum program into your email signature, newsletters, and sending a dedicated campaign introducing the program, you can ensure your clients are continually reminded of the benefits they can reap through referrals.

Consider these steps:

  1. Add a short, catchy line about your Locorum referral program in your email signature.

  2. Dedicate a section in your regular newsletters to highlight the benefits of Locorum and the rewards your clients can earn. We provide this content! Just ask and we can give you 5 variations of newsletter snippers tailored to your industry.

  3. Send out an email campaign specifically introducing the program, emphasizing the rewards and impact on local businesses. We also provide personalized email campaigns that align with your business goals, just reach out and we’ll craft one for your business. 

Engaging clients effectively on Locorum is a fantastic way to boost your business growth. By utilizing gift rewards, being proactive about inviting people to join, and leveraging the power of email, you can drive more referrals and foster stronger client relationships. These strategies will not only benefit your business but also contribute positively to your local business community. 

Locorum newsletter snippet to invite clients to join

In addition to our top three, there’s a ton of other solutions we’ve seen work with our partners, including: 

  • Social media posts 
  • Using gift cards for giveaways to grow your network 
  • Physical handouts and thank you cards 
  • Linking from social channels & website 
  • Table talkers at open houses/show homes to capture leads
  • Qr codes on business cards/handouts 
  • Advertising your local business partners using recommendations 
  • Building a shareable resource with recommendations 


Don’t forget, we provide everything you need personalized to your business. We can create customized marketing content for every strategy listed above. Just reach out to us and we’ll set you up!

Give them a try, and watch your referral traffic grow!

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