5 Best Practices for Skyrocketing Referrals in 2024

Boost your referral program with these 5 best practices for skyrocketing referrals in 2024. From email signature supercharge to post-sale introductions, learn how to take your referrals to interstellar heights.

Ready to launch your referral program to interstellar heights? We've analyzed hundreds of top performers at Locorum and identified 5 key boosters that propel referral success.

Implement these in your business, and watch your referrals start rolling in!

1. Email Signature Supercharge:

Make it easy for people to find your program! Over 85% search your company name for referral info. Hyperlink Locorum in everyone's email signature (not just your sales team!), keeping it top-of-mind for all of your contacts and partners.

To find your program link in your account, head to the programs tab here. 

2. Automation is Your Referral Engine:

Don't rely on memory. Keep the program on automatic with these effortless tactics:

    • Newsletter Footer: Integrate Locorum into your existing newsletter for seamless promotion.
    • Pre-built Locorum Campaigns: Use our templates to set up automated email campaigns targeting your audience. 
    • Schedule Social Media Posts: Plan a year's worth of Locorum posts for monthly distribution.

3. Reward Cards: Tangible Triggers for Referrals:

Nothing fuels engagement like physical or virtual reward cards. Our top vendors use them for birthdays, closing gifts, and employee rewards. Imagine this:

"Congrats on your [occasion]! This gift card from our referral program partner Locorum lets you earn rewards when you refer friends. Check it out! Keep it in mind if you know anyone looking for [service]. Enjoy your [occasion]!"

Reloadable cards are fantastic, but the key is introducing the program and a tangible benefit at the right time. This psychological trigger of reciprocity works wonders!

4. Multi-Channel Marketing:

Spread the word everywhere your audience lives! Add Locorum links to:

    • Instagram and Twitter bios
    • Website header/footer
    • Phone contact information
    • Business cards

5. Post-Sale Introduction Powerhouse:

Strike while the iron is hot! Introduce Locorum right after closing a deal, when customers are at their happiest. Share your Locorum referral link through a simple phone contact update, a postcard at their new home, or a closing/thank you gift. Introducing Locorum at this moment skyrockets referral rates.

Remember, success is fuelled by action! Start incorporating these best practices today and prepare for a referral program that takes off.

Let's grow! 


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