How to Get Your Referral Link in Your Phone Contact

Maybe one of the coolest iPhone hacks to make sure everyone who has your phone number, has your referral link.

Adding your referral link to your phone contact takes around 2 minutes and is as easy as copy and pasting. 

Here's how you can ensure that anytime you share your phone contact with someone they also get your referral link. Our CEO walks you through how he added Locorum's referral program to his phone. 


Step 1

Your Contact Card

You'll find your contact card at the top. Click into your contact card.

Step 2

Find the "Add Url" 

Scroll down to find the "Add Url" field. Click it.

Step 3

Custom Label

Add a custom label here. We used "Refer to Me". 

Step 4

Copy Your Program Link

Copy your program link from the "Programs" tab on Locorum.

Step 5

Paste Your Program Link

Paste the link in your newly created "Refer to Me" field.

Step 6

Share away!

Every time you share your phone contact they will get the link with your contact details.



Pro Tip: Re-Share Your Details 

You can re-share your contact details with people you already know. If you're connecting with someone and introducing the referral program or even just chatting about business, say: 

"Hey, I'm going to send you my updated contact details to save so we can stay in touch" 

Go to your contact card, scroll to the bottom and click "share contact" to share your own contact. They will now have your referral link and you can tell them about the program. 


Update: iPhone Updates Can Update Contact Cards

We've heard that software updates can sometimes alter the structure of contact cards as Apple adds new features. If you update your phone to a new version, check the contact card to make sure your referral link is still there.


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