The Perfect Moments to Ask Home Buyers for Referrals

Timing is crucial when asking for referrals. Discover when clients are most likely to refer their friends and how to prompt them effectively.

Asking customers to refer friends at the right time seems simple, yet many businesses overlook this opportunity. 

83% of consumers are willing to refer friends after a positive experience, but only 29% do. Why? They aren’t being prompted to do so. 

One of the most effective things you can do is reach out to customers when they are most likely to refer. In this blog, we'll explore why timing is so important and the perfect moments to introduce your referral program.

Why Timing Matters

Imagine you bought a house. After one month, you’re unpacked and settled into your new home. You receive an email from your realtor or home builder checking in and asking for a referral. You’re likely to consider it positively and send a referral. Now, imagine the chaos of move-in day; you would probably ignore that same email. 

Timing is everything! Ask for referrals when your customers are happiest.

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Customers are most likely to refer friends after having a recent positive experience. Ride the highs by finding out when customers are the happiest. Then, time your requests to align with these times to maximize referrals. For example, this might be after they signed the offer to their new home or a week after moving in when everything's settled.

Stay at the Forefront of Their Mind

Timing isn’t the only factor to consider; frequency matters too. Don’t be shy, and ask regularly. Uber prompts customers to refer after every ride, so a few reminders from you won’t hurt; it’ll actually help. The more you promote, the more likely customers are to remember you when a friend is in the market.

We’re not suggesting bombarding them with daily, weekly, or even monthly emails solely focused on promotions. Instead, include it in your existing outreach efforts (see the top places to promote your program here).

When to Ask for A Referral

Now, let’s discuss when to highlight your referral program. To attract new clients, add the following times to your communications plan.

When to ask for referrals

Contract Signing

At this point, customers know you, and they’ve had a positive experience. The buyers are excited about their new space, making it a good time to ask if they know anyone else who’s looking. 

Closing Gift

When you’re sending a closing gift, promote your referral program as well. It could be a QR code in a basket or our favourite method, with a Locorum pre-paid card. While we did say that move-in day is not the best time to ask for referrals, it's important to mention it whenever you can. People are ecstatic when they receive gifts, so it’s a great time to plug your program. Use the rest of our recommendations alongside this one in case they are too busy to refer someone now.

First Year Check-Ins

Follow up regularly after the sale to check in and promote your referral program. Start getting in touch one week after they move in to check if they are settled in. We recommend setting touchpoints with your customers at these times:

  • One Week After Move-In
  • One Month After Move-in 
  • Three Months After Move-in
  • Six Months After Move-In

This not only makes sure they're satisfied and helps you maintain a good relationship but also gives you an opportunity to highlight your program.

Home Anniversaries

Next on your list should be the first anniversary of their purchase. Send a congratulatory gift and mention your referral program. The customer will be thrilled about the gift and is more likely to send a referral your way. 

Then, set up an annual email for their home anniversary, keeping you in their thoughts for years to come. Many businesses stop communicating after a few months, so you’ll stand out by staying in touch.

The best part - you can schedule emails for home anniversary check-ins on Locorum! Use our email marketing tool to send gifts to clients every year. 

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